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The brand platform of Lolitashow cooperates with many famous Chinese lolita brands, as Lolita Pricess, Infanta, HMHM, White Moon,etc, where you will have high quality of user experience and also, you can purchase your favorite product quickly and accurately. Meanwhile, it provides you with safe payment and excellent after-sale to make you have a pleasant shopping.

Magic Teaparty

This is a field with the magic of tea party, where girls are dressed in gorgeous dresses together to enjoy a beautiful afternoon of tea time. The brand is to show Sweet & classical LOLITA dress culture. Wish you love it at four'o clock sounding.

lolita princess

Lolita Princess-the theme of clothing design is grace, noble, happiness and sweet. It takes the mission of making the girls' dreams come true and designs the most beautiful clothings with the cloth which is pure as moon light, the lace which is soft as cloud and the accessories which str beautiful as the flowers.


"She was Lo, plain Lo, in the morning, standing four feet ten in one sock. "---Lolita. This is the girl image in Nabokov's famous work-Lolita. Now Lolita is not only depend on this work, but becomes the pronoun of native and cute girl. Circumstances change with the passage of time and sentimental statement is fading away,time is corroded the immature gradually, but we are still insist the orginal pure and romance and gracefully love the lolita complex which comes out from the impetuous world made of concrete. We hold the beauty with our belief. Please come to explore the unknow dress fairyland with the foot of Alice---welcome to the fancy world of Infanta.


Jewelry in Sunrise is a domestic independently dress design store. We devote ourselves on the European retro and Japanese fresh styles in order to manufacture the most delicate and graceful dresses. Hope you will feel the warm and energy comes from te clothings and find your better self when you put on the dress.


The brand name is the meaning of violet in Spanish, which shows the graceful and elegant girl who seem weak but has inviolable temperament. It shows the mood of yearning for the delicate rurality of girls by the retro clothings, and it is the expression of a life attitude and clothing style. We emphasize the depose of details and strive to design great and retro clothings. The styles update very fast and they has both the European classical design element and the implicit and graceful characters of modern females.

Gothic Lolita & Punk

GOTHIC LOLITA &PUNK was founded in 2005 which designs, manufactures and sells as an organic whole.The main products are gothic, lolita and punk series with more than 30 physical stores in the world. It insists personality, special,distinctive and fashion brand culture. The deep culture deposites and connotation provide people who love style clothing more choices.