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But this truly is a great umbrella, and worth every penny. <3

By WilsonBrittanyJun 17, 2013
I have a lot of allergies, and because of those allergies I am unable to wear sunscreen. I am also described as, “DANG are you white!” Seriously, I am ridiculously pale – and I burn super, super easy. Not being able to wear sunscreen? That can get kind of tough…and painful. I ordered this umbrella to help solve the problem – I use it as a parasol. :) Because it is light pink and has white and black accents, I can put it with a lot. It keeps me from getting burned, and is also cute! :D I also LOVE the handle! That was seriously the first thing I was showing everyone who asked about the umbrella. The flower detail on the handle is so, so cute. <3 I just love it. The handle is really small too. I don't mind that at all; it just makes it easier to spin around while holding it. The detailing on this is pretty stunning. It is very feminine. Pictures just don't do it justice. :D It isn't waterproof, for anyone wondering. But that's just fine; perfect for my particular need. ^_^ I for sure recommend this! You won't be sorry, as long as you aren't intending it for the rain. :D Thank you so much, milanoo! <3 You've really helped a girl out! :D I have yet to get burned whenever I use this! ^_^ Ooh, and before I forget. :o The umbrella does fold up differently than what I was expecting. It isn't bad, but just know that it folds very uniquely. Which actually is very smart for storing the umbrella; it takes less space. Kudos on that, milanoo. :D Anyway, if you are anything like me: You may have to have someone help you with folding and unfolding it. :) But this truly is a great umbrella, and worth every penny. <3