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Thank you for another wonderful item,

By WilsonBrittanyJun 17, 2013
I adore this neckband. :) It is good for casual wear, as well as dressing up. I always like to have a certain "individuality" to whatever I am wearing, whether that be fingerless gloves, ribbon, a neckband, etcetera. So if I'm running out the door fast and can't dress up as much as I want to, this is good for putting on real quick with a blouse. :D The first time I wore it, I honestly almost went to bed with it still on!! :D I had forgotten I was wearing it! It's SO soft and SO comfortable! <3 And pictures just can't do this little beauty justice. <3 The only problem is the chain. The chain is very delicate in the "easy to break" kind of a way. I learned this the hard way, on both of my neckbands. ;) But the chain shouldn't be hard to replace. My recommendation for avoiding breaking the chain: Have someone else help you put it on and take it off, and make sure it is not too tight. :) You want it tight enough that it won't move around and wind up backwards - but not so tight that if you sneeze, it breaks, haha. :D Overall: I completely recommend getting this item. ^_^ Thank you for another wonderful item, milanoo! <3