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Thank you so much, milanoo! <3

By WilsonBrittanyJun 17, 2013
I LOVE this neckband! It is my favorite! :D I have worn it quite a few times now. It is surprisingly versatile. I've been able to wear it with a few things, some of which I didn't think it would necessarily work. :) Basically, you don't have to wear just black and red with it; I was able to wear it with white lace over black and it looked really good. :) The shipping was good, and the fit is excellent. It is super comfortable to wear; I almost forget I am wearing it. ^_^ Which is the same for the other neckband I got on here! For anyone that doesn't know what "PU" means, like I did, it means synthetic leather. I was very pleasantly surprised to learn that the red part wasn't ribbon. Which I wouldn't have minded, but the PU makes it sturdier. :D It just looks fantastic. <3 The only problem is the chain. The chain is very delicate in the "easy to break" kind of a way. I learned this the hard way, on both of them. ;) But the chain shouldn't be hard to replace. My recommendation for avoiding breaking the chain: Have someone else help you put it on and take it off, and make sure it is not too tight. :) You want it tight enough that it won't move around and end up backwards - but not so tight that if you sneeze, it breaks, haha. :D But overall, this is a great product and I totally recommend it. <3 Thank you so much, milanoo! <3